Tuesday, June 27, 2017

America doesn't need more pharmaceuticals...

It just needs
Healthier lifestyles!

The world is run by shadowy elites

And the people we see on TV are just their front men.

Is God totally passive, as the Tao suggests

Or is He a constant presence?

Pseudo science is bad,

But fo science
Is worse!

Pressuring people is bad for it forces them...

To make quick decision

Before they have had a chance
To sit quietly with it
And enable their soul
To voice its opinion!

The Taoists taught "no effort", which is what man needs to learn...


Years ago I used to fight Huns on the internet

Now I don't bother!

I have completed my vaccine study

Result: avoid 'em!

Is belief in an afterlife a crutch?

It is widely believed that a belief in an afterlife...
 Is a coping mechanism
for those unable to handle
The brutal finality
Of death!

But there is a small proportion of people
who, having researched the experience of others,
have come to the conclusion
that we do live on after death
and that we really have nothing to fear!

As a wise man once said: The word "should"...

Shouldn't be a part of our language!