Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Current weekly cost of living

Rent $0
Electricity $0
Water $0
Gas $4
Food $60
Petrol $10
Car registration $9
Internet $30
Mobile phone $2.30

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

My view on vaccines

I believe the decision to receive a vaccine or not should be a decision the individual who would receive the vaccine gets to make, free of outside interference or intimidation.

As for children, it should be a decision the parents get to make, if the child is too young to have any input, in consultation with their most trusted health advisors.

Outside agencies should not attempt to influence this decision in any way beyond supplying pertinent information for parents to consider. 

No intimidation or force, overt or covert, should be used to influence this decision.  For such actions interfere with the sacred, God given free-will of the individual and the sacred bond between parent and child.

One's body is one's private, sacred domain that should not be subject to unwanted interference by another, whether they be a private citizen or a representative of the state.

How a fanatic thinks

I support or believe X
and anyone that doesn't support or believe X
  is an evil monster
and should be destroyed!

Monday, August 22, 2016

A vote for green

According to some people commenting on the US Presidential election

a vote for blue is a vote for blue
a vote for red is a vote for red
and a vote for green
   is a vote for... RED!

In other words, you are not allowed to vote anything but Democrat

 even if you think their candidate is toxic!

Well they can get f*d!

If there is only one candidate on the ballot who you trust-
  you must vote for them!

I fed the troll...

and the troll won!


Some people are fanatical and black and white in their views, which wouldn't be so bad if they didn't try to force them onto others, or abuse and intimidate others for not sharing them.

Such people may think of themselves as religious or even rational and certainly superior, but the truth is they are driven by irrational emotion, primarily fear.

Fanatics label those who don't agree with them fools, infidels, or followers of Satan, not realizing that they are the irrational ones who are captive of dark forces for being unable to accept the diversity of man.

The diversity of opinion and behavior among mankind is a natural result of the diversity of experience we all have. To expect everyone to think and act alike is clearly unrealistic and suggests a mental failing in those who hold such a view.

We are all different and we need to accept that fact if we are to live a healthy and productive life! Bullying others who disagree with us will not help us achieve this!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Relinquishing the need to control others

What makes one person want to control another, or a whole lot of others?


Fear of what?

That they will make choices that don't serve our own interests.

If we are not afraid that people will make choices that don’t serve our interests then we will have no need to try to control them. But if we do have that fear then we will be tempted to manipulate them into acting in ways that serve us.  This is the ultimate form of selfishness, bred of fear.

What is the solution?

To become fearless, or trusting that our own long-term interests are best served by allowing other people to do as they please.

How do we achieve this?

By understanding that our own happiness is in our own hands, not the hands of another and that by releasing control of other we not enhance their freedom and ours but we contribute to the long-term happiness of both parties.

Pic of AJ Miller
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Sharka Todd

Anger, vaccines and free will

Many people get very angry talking about vaccines on the internet, which I find strange.  After all, nobody is forcing us to take any given vaccine.

The choice is up to us to either receive a vaccine or not, depending upon our perceived need of it and its expected efficiency and safety.

Of course, if bullying and intimidation is involved,  either to get us to take a vaccine or to not do so, then problems arise and our free will is compromised. In this case anger is appropriate.

Any interfering with the free will of another through intimidation is a spiritual sin, which will degrade our soul and will need to be accounted for in time. 

Therefore, the wise approach to the vaccine issue is to allow people to make their own choices, without bullying, and only offering an opinion if asked.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Vaccines and disease rates in the USA (graph)

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What saves lives?  Better living standards, including improved sanitary conditions, and the use of antibiotics, primarily.  Everything else is largely insignificant in comparison to these things.

Comments on the vaccine issue

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Using "conspiracy theorist" as a smear

The term "conspiracy theorist" is usually used as a smear to discredit someone. But to me, if someone isn't a conspiracy theorist, at least about some things, then they just haven't been paying attention.  So perhaps the bigger smear would be to call someone a "conspiracy denier"!