Thursday, February 23, 2017

The suppression of legal marijuana


A herbal medicine like marijuana, that is undeniably effective for a wide range of health conditions, is the worst nightmare for the chemical drug merchants. 

No wonder it's legal use has been suppressed for so long by the amoral pharmaceutical lobby. 
The danger to their profits is very real.

The problem with medical marijuana


The problem with medical marijuana is that it reduces people's suffering which is very unpopular among the greedy elites who wish it to remain banned.
Additionally, it will cut into the profits they make from the toxic drugs they market to the public.
Therefore, legal marijuana is a double loss for these people- less wealth for them and better health for the public- and this is not what they have in mind!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Devolve power to the local level

The centralisation of power increases the risk of tyranny.

Power is best "devolved" to the local level where the individual has some ability to influence decisions.

That is why the TPP, the EU and other binding centralised legal agreements are to be shunned.

Ultimately, it is important that national governments recind their power and hand it back to people at the local level, when practical to do so, so that local decisions can be made by local people, rather than by bureaucrats or politicians in distant lands or cities.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Liberation from false beliefs

It's very liberating to realise that much of what we are taught is true is actually nonsense that originates from those who have a vested interest in having people view things a certain way.

Because people are taught to define themselves by their beliefs they will often hold onto these false beliefs they have been conditioned to accept like bulldogs with a stick.

You are not what you believe and what we have collectively been taught to think is in many cases total nonsense that helps a select group of individuals maintain worldly power.

Realising this is the case for many areas of human endeavour, particularly those where large sums of money are involved, or where certain ideas support the agenda of the already powerful, is liberating indeed for all that false data can be thrown in the bin and we can begin again fresh with a clear mind.

Decision making at the local level

Overly centralised control is, in general, a bad idea.

Instead, control should be spread throughout the 3 kingdoms (land, sea, and air).

This arrangement should include local control of decisions that could significantly affect the local area. 

Making decisions from a distance may result in a region being used in an exploitative way due to a lack of care for the area.

I believe only locals are fit to make sound decisions about a local area due to their proven commitment to living in the area and their investment in the area continuing to thrive as a community.

Milo v Real Time with Bill Maher panel (photos)

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Is Trump Illuminati?

Trump is flawed but he is not Illuminati. Evidence: he killed the TPP, their beloved trade agreement.

Result: Massive efforts to undermine him by the old bastions of power, still under Illuminati control.