Monday, May 22, 2017

Repeating Democrat talking points...

Doesn't mean you have a grasp of the facts!

Nature is a free market economy...

But the trade is not in money, it is in forms of energy, including one's purely on the level of consciousness.

I could climb Everest...

But I'd have to do a hell of a lot of training, and there's still a good chance it would kill me.

So no, there'll be no trip to Everest this year.

When someone is promoting untruths

It's hard to tell the difference between someone who is misinformed, brainwashed, or just a shill, promoting false information.

If you're gunna climb Everest...

Do it by the time you've 35.

It's too much to ask of a older body.

Perhaps too much to ask of a young one, too!

When rumours become facts

It's funny. You hit on some random website and it's like entering an alternate reality zone, where politically motivated rumour has become fact.

They talk about realities that aren't and expect you to go along with it.

When no facts or evidence has been presented, only anonymous testimony and opinion, how are we to say a statement is true?

Only the most shallow of commentators would do that.

I'm not here to fight, niggle or argue.

Just to make claim after claim.

The brain-mind interface and alternate realities

It is said our consciousness is projected into this reality, through this living being that we become.

This connection between the immortal or timeless Self and the physical body seems to brain (and nervous system) based.


Because when brain input-output signals are interrupted people experience alternate realities, ones have the qualities of being a real world, populated with strange beings, when compared to, say, dreams.

In other words, the consciousness can be freed to experience other worlds when it can no longer interface with this one.

Climbing at high altitudes

High altitudes aren't very good because they make you feel like crap and every step forward is difficult.

But those quintessentially goal focused individuals will drive themselves forward beyond pain to reach the summit.

Some will die in the attempt.

My own perspective is that mental goals are not as important as physical health.

I will turn back or down once physical performance and comfort go below a certain level, hopefully way before one's life or limbs are threatened.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Risk takers

Once upon a time there existed risk takers, even one who led a nation of freedom lovers.

Animals must be tortured...

So humans are kept safe.

It wouldn't make much sense to a scientist...

To say that at death consciousness returns to the inner worlds.