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My view on guns

I would prefer to live somewhere without a gun, because I have no desire to use one or have it used on me, and I have no enemies that I know of to defend myself from.As for gun laws... They are for communities to decide.I understand the government tyranny argument used for gun rights for citizens in America, and it's hard to argue with that, although some will say no militia can match the firepower of the US military. Maybe so, but as guerilla fighters around the world show, it's hard to knock down an armed group who are driven.It's also disturbing to think how easily accessible these things are to not always balanced folk.
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If religion was in control of our societies...

I would be critical of it, if it attempted to limit our freedom to match its notions of right and wrong.Instead it is a form of materialist science that is used to sell the unwholesome products and agendas of the elites, and so I attack those things.It's not as if science, itself bothers me, or a focus on physically measurable qualities, but it's how these things are used to sell things and brainwash people that concerns me.

Evolution, social organisation and experience

As an evolving species I'm not sure we can say there is an ideal form of social organisation that maximises happiness and longevity of the people.

Every society is an experiment and the physical and mental health of the inhabitants is a measure of how successful it is being in fulfilling its possibilities.

There is no end point, though societies may achieve a kind of equilibrium, at least for a time.

The social setting we encounter is a big part of our experience in this world as a human being as so each life lived in a different social setting adds to the totality of who we are.

Sometimes you are part of a minority the government wants to destroy...

It's not a very nice feeling, and is a lonely place to be, when the brainwashed mob joins in the assualt.

"Consciousness creates form...

"...and not the other around" SETH
Through Jane Roberts.

A large chunk of my time is spent listening to instrumental music...

And doing graphic work or writing.