Sunday, November 27, 2016


The governor has pressed the Obama administration for federal aid in responding to the escalating conflict. He has suggested the U.S. Marshal Service step in to evict thousands of protectors who have occupied U.S. Army Corps of Engineers land.

But the Obama administration has refused to do that, opting to sit down with the Standing Rock Sioux and negotiate a solution. It has asked that construction of the $3.8 billion pipeline stop until one is reached, but Energy Transfer has refused. It is now suing the federal government and meanwhile continuing to advance the pipeline.


Rant about young internet writers

It's funny. You read a supposedly serious article on a well-known website and give it some credence. But then you realize: it's just written by a kid. And's that's the case for much internet content. It's often empty garbage written by young, naive folks paid to fill space who just haven't had the life experience or breadth of exposure to have much of meaning to say. They just kick with the wind and have only trivial and often incorrect things to say, illustrating how superficial their knowledge really is.
They usually have blurbs like this:
Franky Bananas is a journalist with a fervent interest in politics, peach rings and rap mixtapes. His work has been published in VICE, the New York Observer, and the Atlantic, amongst others.

It is possible for folks under the age of 35 to have meaningful and well thought out things to say, but it does seem to be rare.  And the internet does seem to be filled with young, "happening", know-nothings peddling their writing for cash while saying nothing of note. That's the new world order, baby!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Resisting arrest

The idea that by resisting arrest,
Or making a run for it,
You can get killed,

Is the perhaps the ultimate tool
    of control
For the powers who would control us.

Such powers also tell us
That such a deadly response
Is holy and good-
And purely the fault
Of the victim.

In other words -
Free will is unallowed
When the barking dogs
Of the power elite
Are set upon you!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Bush administration

Efficient lifestyle

If you are efficient
in your efforts

You can get 
      down to
  (As little as)

2 hours a day!

And still live large!

911 was a PR stunt

911 was a PR stunt-
Like Nagasaki and Hiroshima before it...

And the purpose of each of them?
to engender fear
in the population,

Fear of personal destruction

Fear of hidden, unseen forces ...
That could strike at any moment!

And to protect against these
Overwhelmingly powerful negative forces
A savior would be needed.

And who is this savior?
An overwhelmingly powerful military
And Intelligence gathering operation
The likes of which
The world has never seen!
All to watch over us
And keep us safe!

And who gains from this game?
Those who offer the solutions
To the problems of fear-
I.e. the WAR, defense, security industries.

And those who gain
From all the diverse effects
That flow ON
with a frightened population!


gain power for the wielder-
Of the solution...
To this fear.
(Who just happens
to be the person
Who carried out
The attack-
To gain this very power.)

Poisoned by a ruling elite?

Some people are going around saying-

We are being intentionally poisoned

Through our food and water

(And even air)

To weaken us

And make us more easily managed
By a ruling class.

Asking "why would anyone do this to us?"

Their true answer might be something like:

"An energetic and unruly populous
Make our management jobs more difficult...

And makes our position-

as "Lords of Men"...

More precarious!"

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Politics no more!

Silent rest after exertion

Living beings are experiential units and organising units.
You have to go beyond what someone says about something -
To experiencing the thing directly yourself.
I have talked to some editors lately.
Sometimes "immorality" is the order of the day.
I hope people can understand.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Embracing difficulties in life

People often think difficulties either shouldn't happen to us or should be somehow avoided.

Instead, I would say they are unavoidable and should be embraced.
After all, they are where growth and maturity come from!

A problem free life would leave us like an infant - a babe in the woods - vulnerable to any slight change in conditions.

I don't think we came to this earth to have an easy ride, so we should embrace it when the going gets tough, for, after all, that's when the tough get going!