Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The struggle to exist.

Where the world is ruled from

The world is ruled from Foundations.

These are where the super wealthy elites place their funds to manipulate worldly events under the auspices of philanthropy.

Not to say all Foundations are evil or set up for personal gain (the initial Carnegie Foundation) but many may be as the Rockefeller Foundation is said to be.

Resistance from the deep state

Anyone who's not working for the deep state runs into a lot of resistance!

Assassination shemozzle

An assassin points his gun at the minister.
You'll never guess what happened next.

My medical recommendation

Having studied the various branches and types of medicine my primary advice to the potential patient is go with a form of treatment you are comfortable with and confident of.

Do not let others bully you or attempt to brainwash you that their way is the only way.

That is always BS when it comes to something as multifaceted as human healing!

Beyond that, if you are still confused, try starting with less invasive and more safe therapies before advancing to the more potentially dangerous.

Difference between scientists and mystics

Scientists think the outside world-
The world you can see, touch, etc.
With the "outer" senses
Is the real and primary world,
And that the "inner world"
That exists for us
Whether the outer world is intruding-
Or not-
Is a secondary, or derivative world,
And not as real as the first.

Whereas mystics see it in reverse.
The see the inner world
Where we retreat when we withdraw from our senses-
As the primary, or more real world,
Than the world revealed by
The physical senses.

An effective smear campaign

An effective smear campaign need be based on no evidence at all,
Just the alleged existence of evidence.

Politics is winner takes all, which is why...

It is often played to the death!

45% of people will get sick...

Who watch this ad!

Kurt in heaven now.

Climate change and the increasing frequency of the earth

Everything is becoming more vigorous...
But that is a challenging process...
Given the structures were designed...
In yesteryear.

When the life energy

Moved slower.